Friday, July 18, 2008

It has been an interesting week so Mommygirl daily has turned into Mommygirl weekly. Last night I had the pleasure of going out with some other ladies from church to celebrate the impending birth of a friends twin sons! When I think about two babies at one time my head starts to spin! I believe that it is safe to say that we enjoyed ourselves very much, but I found it interesting that most of the conversations revolved around our families! Isn't it funny that you get a bunch of Moms out of the house, and that is all they want to talk about. It was definitely a far cry from glamorized Girl's Night Out scenes from Sex in the City, but praise God that it was! We did happen to share stories about sagging breasts and projectile poop! Never a dull moment when you are hanging out with friends! The girls stayed with their Nana Sara for the first time and had a tea party where they got to drink from Nana's fancy china. Emma proclaimed on the way home that she had an, "incredible time at Nana's!" Tea Parties are the new High School Musical in our home now. I am trying to think of a way to have them more often without losing my mind! Thanks for all the extemely encouraging comments! Until next time..


April said...

Tea parties are way better with grand, and great grand parents. You can let that be their specail thing ! Ha, ha !!

Misty said...

It was great spending time with you and the rest of the ladies without our kids (even though we can't seem to quit talking about them). We should all get together more often!

Lorie said...

Hey Sweet Baby
Go have a look see at my blog!
Happy Friday-
I miss you and love you!

Amanda said...

I have an old play china tea set that was my stepmother's. I can't wait for Flor to play with it!!

Funny post! Oh, and I hear it's your birthday (facebook tells all!!) So, have a good one!!

April said...

you have been tagged, go to my blog to play along.