Thursday, July 10, 2008

You are a wise one grasshopper...

I am the first to admit that my initial post was a wee bit on the melancholy side, but for good reason. Anyone who knows me hopefully will tell you that my family is my life, and maybe sometimes to a fault. I eat, sleep, and breathe my children (that comes naturally from Mom- aka. Meme Lorie and my Nana Sara). My husband is wonderful. I guess that I would call him the icing on my cake. There are times when I feel that God must have a miraculous sense of humor, because we are polar opposites. He likes to spend, and I like to save. He thrives on company, and my OCD kicks in to overdrive and I am scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees (some of you are rolling with insane laughter right now, because you can see my big booty in the air and a paper towel in my hand...lovely flashback I am sure). I think that you get the picture. The last three weeks have been anything but normal for me. My little family has subsequently been divided multiple times for various reasons we call life (work, travel, vacation, time with Grandma in Florida, etc.). The division of my family was not an easy pill for this hormonal MommyGirl to swallow. Praise God that we are all back in the same place and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.
During my time away I had the chance to go to church with my Mother-in-law. The girls and I welcomed the opportunity since we have been away from our church for several weeks. The sermon focused on the parable of the laborers in the vineyard. NOTE: Please forgive my lack of biblical knowledge..I have no idea where this is located in the bible, but I was listening and thinking so I guess that has to count for something. It is my understanding that Jesus used this story to illustrate his point to the disciples when they were asking what their special rewards would be for serving him on earth. The story is about a vineyard owner who starts his day agreeing to pay anyone that works for him over the course of a day one dollar. As the day goes on the man continues to recruit workers up until the last hour of daylight. At the end of the day he pays all of the workers their wage of one dollar despite whether or not they had worked one hour or the entire day. As you may well imagine this did not sit well with the laborers that had slaved the day away for him, but this is what he decided to do. Sometimes I feel this way in my daily life...whether I am doing something for another person or a cause that is important to me. I think that it is human nature to sometimes feel a little used or under appreciated. This sermon allowed me to see that although I may not intentionally be trying to keep score or receive reciprocation for an act of kindness I am human..translation I am not perfect. I also will continue to do things even when I may not receive anything in return because that is who I am (this does not make me just makes Hopefully, whenever you feel slighted or like all your efforts maybe in vain you will remember that the actions of others should have no bearing on who you are, and that God would have us to share his love and blessings. Thank you to all my friends and family who are always there to help pick up the slack. Didn't Billary (sorry:) say that it takes a village.
Today I am grateful for the friendship of wonderful christian women and the blessing of my family. My family (minus me) were all asleep by 7:30pm..nothing short of a miracle. This little treat allowed me to attend my first blog party. ValarieLea is the grasshopper of the group. I am hoping to learn from my fellow bloggers, and begin to make this interesting for other people to read.
There is my daily dose of bloggeriah!! Until next time..


Valarie said...

Yeah!! A new post, and a very good one at that! You are gonna be great at this, I just know it. :)

Lorie said...

Hey Sissy,
I hope you love your blog.You write very well and I am proud of you, just remember you can publish this for your kids someday. Use it to vent, remember, brag and leave imprints.
This looks like you and I will help you jazz it up.
I am proud of my Mommy Girl!
Love you, Mom

Maria said...

I think your writing is wonderful.
You are a giver, and whether or not anyone verbally expresses their thanks to you, I know that God sees and loves your giving heart.

April said...

I love you my little Meloncholy friend, you and MaryEsther cannot both be hormonal!! HELP !!