Monday, July 28, 2008

Another year older....

I am tired, yet I can't seem to go to sleep. Maybe this is what happens when you start to get older. Even when I try to rest there are things that seem like they are just waiting to be done! Lately I have lots on my mind...where do I even start?
It is true that today I did turn 28 (closer to the big 30), but with every birthday that passes it feels kind of silly to keep celebrating them from my stand point. I am not trying to sound pessimistic. I am really not at all phased by the turning of the clock on my life or my youth. I just kind of think that birthday parties are for people under 21, big numbers (30, 40, 50, etc), or really old people! I love to celebrate the birthdays of others, but I do not think that I will ever feel comfortable sitting in front of other people opening up gifts. It is really not my thing! I feel like my friends and family are my gifts! Tonight my wonderful husband had decided to invite some of my favorite peeps over for a cookout. We always do it up here at our house like Thanksgiving day. Can you tell by my verbiage that I was raised in HG? Yeah, I thought so.
We all had fun, and I was surrounded by lots of my favorite people and their little people. Once everyone had left I laid down next to Emma on the couch to love on her a little. I was reminded of my 23rd birthday. This birthday fell two months to the day before Emma was born. I told Emma about the ice cream cake that Daddy had gotten Mommy that day, and going out to eat "where they cook in front of you with the fire." Emma loves these places, and she suspects now that she surely took a liking to them in utero. Even though that was more simple time in my life I am amazed by the blessings that have been given to me in the past five friendships, experiences, changes and of course my beautiful babies. This made me excited about all God has in store for the future. If you really read all my rambling just now, thank you, you are very patient!!
Good night!


Maria said...

I really enjoyed the party, so did my girls. Please stop talking about how "old" you are...I was learning to drive when you were born!

Love you dearly!

April said...

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!!

Life on the farm... said...

It's not so bad... wait till the kids get older they take your credit cards and come home with really nice gifts for

Amanda said...

Such a sweet post. I'm glad you had a good birthday.

I think your girls are just so sweet. You've really done something right there!! :) Maybe I'll ask your advice when Flor gets here!