Friday, August 8, 2008

Mommygirl lives....

If this blog relationship seems one sided I apologize. Life has taken me far away from the computer lately. The kids are growing, and I am growing too. I think that it maybe a whole lot cuter when the kids gain weight! I was recently blessed with a wonderful surprise birthday present from my husband and Meme and Papa.. a new laptop. Maybe with my new toy blogging and motherhood with cross paths more often, but do not hold your breath (unless of course your name is David Blaine).
Tonight I told my friend Anna that writing has not come very easily to me lately. Most of the things that I would have on my mind probably would not seem very entertaining to others.
Consider yourself comes Not so Deep thoughts by Mommygirl.

Here are a few of my favorite things. These things seem to get me through the hard days that really should not be hard, because I am blessed beyond belief.

The beautiful smiles of my daughters, an unexpected kiss from my husband, Jello (give me a break I am pregnant so you know that some of my favorite things will be food!), seeing good things happen to good people, watching my children and my friends children grow up, having real conversations with my four year old, snuggling with my whole family, a variety of very eclectic TV shows that I tivo, calls from my favorite women (Mom this includes you), and learning from those older and wiser than me.
Less than three weeks until we learn the gender of our little bean!!


Debbie said...

Mommygirl, you are as sweet and kind as your sweet moma. I love reading your post.

Anonymous said...

I love keeping up with you and your family thru your writing. Another wonderful quality you have from your mother. Love, Barbie

Misty said...

I just have to tell you again how terrific you look. Pregnant women everywhere are sticking their tongues out at you. Hope you're enjoying your morning break while the girls are in school.

April said...

I too enjoy your daughters smiles and watching them grow up, and watching you grow ( all though you are still small :) )